World's Most Honest Janitor Will Get to Keep the $80,000 He Found in a Toilet Stall

(Photo: Herald Sun)

It was a lot of money. But Chamindu Amarsinghe knew that the money didn't belong to him, so he didn't keep it.

Amarsinghe works as a custodian at a television station in Melbourne, Australia. While cleaning a toilet, he found a lot of money in large denominations in a trash bin. He immediately told his supervisor, who then called the police and a plumber. They pulled out from the toilet more than $100,000 (Australian).

No one stepped forward to claim it. After the government took a cut, it handed over to Amarsinghe $81,597. He plans to donate some to charity. But as he's a college student, so he'll use a lot of it to advance his career.

-via Huffington Post

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Methinks that if the person who left the money had been found, the cash would have been "evidence." There is no good reason someone throws away money and does not claim it afterward. I'm glad it will go to good use now.
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I completely understand the urge to turn in the money. Either it belongs to someone who may really need it, or it belongs to some dangerous folks. So the consequence of keeping is that either someone suffers for lack of that needed cash, or you do. In a word, it's bad karma.

Mathematically, you didn't have it before, so you don't really lose it if you turn it in. Philosophy saves the day, and your life.
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