5 Bizarre Mental Illnesses That Turn Reality Into a TV Show

If you’ve followed Neatorama for a while, you are familiar with the Truman Show Delusion. It’s a mental illness in which a person believes that his whole life is a reality TV show. I would have expected this delusion to be included in a Cracked list about mental illnesses that turn your life into a TV show, but no. These five conditions are even stranger than that. They’re not all psychological, either -some are neurological, like the condition that causes you to see subtitles in real life.

It happened to septuagenarian Dorothy Latham. When she has a conversation, the words appear as a brightly colored ticker tape in front of whoever's speaking. It is likely the one and only thing she has in common with the teen blogger known as Cath. They both have a rare form of synesthesia, a bizarre condition in which one of your senses becomes tightly linked to another. Seeing the color blue might make you taste cheeseburgers, or hearing the music of Nirvana might make you smell teen spirit (which is mostly old socks and stale semen, for the record).

Read more about this condition and others that will blow your mind, at Cracked.

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