The Deadliest Animal in the World

What is the deadliest animal in the world? Sharks are pretty scary, and snakes even more so. Ask anyone, and they’ll probably tell you that humans are the deadliest animal. Humans do kill a lot of other humans, but the creature that kills the most humans on earth every year is the mosquito. Check out a picture a redditor posted that illustrates how they can kill you. Then learn about mosquitos, the danger they pose, and what the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is doing about mosquitos. -via the Presurfer

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Where did I write anything about being against DDT? You assume too much. I can be an environmentalist and still think that DDT has its place as a tool against vector-borne diseases. Also, a lot of people die every year because of anti-environmentalist ideology as well. You are simply dismissing my argument out of hand.

As I think I see a bit of sidewalk I've already covered rapidly approaching I shall retire from this discussion now. Toodlepip!
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Where did I write anything about indiscriminate use? I'm not a "place all your thin-shelled eggs in one basket" kinda guy. Check out this Washington Post piece that says 100,000 people died in two countries in 1986-88 when DDT use was stopped. That's a lot of souls in a short time. Oopsie.

And I have no idea what John S. is writing, since he seems to be against DDT in one post and for DDT in response to yours. Must be your star powah. ;-)
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My point in all this is simple: absolutes are the devil's playground. DDT was and continues to be a very useful pesticide that should be used with extreme caution. It should not be banned absolutely because it saves lives, but it should not be used indiscriminately because of what I and John S had said.
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