You may laugh because there are so many who would consider a B+ to be something to celebrate. And the character doesn’t necessarily have to be a product of a “Tiger Mom” to have such high expectations of themselves. But there's also a practical side. I personally know two high school students who are like this because the difference between an A and a B could determine whether they can afford to go to college at all. This is the latest comic from Sarah Andersen.

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I really have a hard time with the way things have gone lately... There is wayyy too much emphasis put on getting "A's" and going to college. This is especially true in the Asian communities. Parents send their kids to Chinese school AFTER a full day of public school, and even for 6 hours on Saturday's!!! Kids should be kids! I sometimes think these parents do it for themselves, not their kids.

A little publicized fact is that there is a percentage of these kids committing suicide because of the pressure. Then, the other end - after getting a degree in "Art" or whatever, the student can't find a job that pays enough and they have a $200,000 student loan to pay off to boot!

We are going to have a big shortage of plumbers and electricians in this country soon, all because of the idea that everyone needs a prestigious degree from some big university.

... don't get me started!!!!!

Sarah, your comic, simply stated, is great!
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I have a friend in her 30's who's gone back to school to get her university degree. I love her and admire her. And guess what? She's that girl above. And guess what? It got old really fast. I guess what were as kids is basically what we remain.
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