This Man Is Trying to Collect Every Single VHS Copy of the Movie Speed

Some people go through their lives without any ambition. They have no plan to accomplish anything great during their lifetimes, but only waste their precious time in idle amusements.

Ryan Beitz, who is pictured above, is not such a man. He will accomplish--or strive with all of his might to accomplish--something that no person has ever done before. He will collect every single copy of the 1994 Keanu Reeves movie Speed on VHS cassette. Not DVD or laserdisc. Only VHS cassettes. He has about 550 copies so far.

Then he will decorate his 15-person passenger van to look like the bus from that movie. Because that would be cool.

Georgia Perry of Vice journeyed to Moscow, Idaho to interview Beitz about his quest:

And you’re going to collect them all.
Yeah. People always go, “Dude how many of these things are you going to get?” And I'm like, “All of them, duh.”

Isn’t that impossible?
I mean, probably, because of unknown human forces, the logistics of tracking them all down, and just the sheer expense.  I don’t want to spend money on this. If a copy’s more than $4, I’ll just steal it. But that’s not going to make me stop. That’d be the same as somebody saying like, “It’s impossible to make the world a good place, so I’m not going to try.” If the idea is awesome, I’m just going to devote myself to it regardless.

So you’d say the World Speed Project is awesome?
I think the World Speed Project is awesome in the truest sense of the word. It's larger than life. Imagine all of them in one place! It’s uncompromising.

Meanwhile, what are you doing with your life?

-via VA Viper | Photo: The World Speed Project

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Well. What an accomplishment. One has to wonder if he spends a lot of his time compromised by some substance or other.
And wow- What a picture.
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