Brilliant Truck Design Concept: A Full-Length Bed

I've owned a full-size pickup truck only once, but I really enjoyed it. It was nice to be able to casually toss materials in the back and drive them around. It had a long bed--about 7 feet, I think--which helped.

But sometimes even a 7-foot bed isn't enough. Let's say that you're transporting 8-foot sheets of plywood. You'll have to let the ends hang over the tailgate.

That's why Jason Torchinsky's design concept is both clever and crazy. Assuming that it can be properly balanced, this design would let you move things that are almost as long as your truck itself:

Actually, I think it could be sort of L-shaped, with an extra bit of bed behind the 1/2-width cab. There could also be a nice big lockable trunk on the cab side as well, for tools, Fabergé eggs, and other valuables people tend to keep in trucks. P

It'd probably have to have an inline 4 or 6 in that narrowed engine bay, but I'm plenty happy with that. This design could be huge with plumbers and welders and carpenters and gardeners and pretty much anyone who's sick of tying a red rag to the end of all that stuff that sticks out too far of a normal pickup.

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Or just buy an old suburban. 8X4 sheets no problem.

Seriously, Torchinsky's idea is kind of stupid. The U.S. doesn't do light trucks very well, the rest of the world has a zillion little trucks that will carry all the things he mentions without drama. And without the inevitable problems of asymmetric weight.
When he stacks his 8x4s alongside the cab, how's he going to see to his right?
And drywall in particular needs to be carried flat.
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I have an Acadia that will easily carry 8' plywood sheets inside my SUV with the rear door closed. It's why I bought it. I did the pick-up truck routine for a few years but I like this much better. Plus, I don't have to lay the plywood sheets on an angle which is what you'd have to do with that truck, I believe, and your right side vision would be totally blocked.
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A full-size pickup truck has an 8-foot bed and can easily accommodate 4' x 8' sheets of plywood, drywall, etc. with the tailgate closed. I have carried 30 sheets of 3/4" drywall in the bed of a half-ton Ford F-150 before. Sure, the front-end was a little light and I had to keep the speed under 35 MPH or so, but it hauled it just fine.
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