Librarian Job Posting Has Specific Harry Potter Requirements

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The City of Boulder, Colorado is hiring a Principal Librarian. From the job description that sounds like a library director position. Most of the requirements are fairly typical, such as at least 5 years of supervisory experience. But one could be a potential disqualifier. You can't be like Irma Pince, the librarian at Hogwarts in the Harry Potter series:

This job has nothing to do with being that severe authority figure wandering the hallways of your elementary school.  We don't want Madam Pince of Harry Potter's library at Hogwarts; what we want is someone more like Harry himself.

Don't get too excited, Harry. You don't have an MLS degree, so you don't qualify.

What is Madam Pince like? I don't know for myself. I have read only the first book--skimmed it in 3 hours, actually, for a library school assignment. But this extensively-footnoted wiki page describes her:

She was greatly disliked by the students for being very strict and unhelpful in finding books for them.

Well, that's a shame.

An example of her strictness was the fact that she would not allow food in the library, for fear that the books would be damaged,[4] and also disallowed talking, laughing, whispering, sneezing, scurrying, or any other behaviour that might seem at all suspicious in any way.

She keeps an orderly library where students can study and this is the thanks that she gets?

So Ms. Pince is out of the running at the Boulder Public Library. But if you can be a Harry Potter (with an MLS and 5+ years supervisory experience), then give it a shot.

-via Jim Duncan, Colorado Library Consortium

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