The 20 Best Fake Beer Brands From Movies And Television

Quick, how many beer brands from movies and TV can you name? There are more than you might think. Since beer companies pay millions of dollars in advertising, no show is going to use real beer as a prop without getting paid. But using a fake beer also frees up the characters to make sport of it. This list has twenty of them. Remember these?

8. Heisler Beer, Bionic Woman, Bones, Burn Notice, CSI, Desperate Housewives, Dollhouse,Happy Endings, Heroes, How I Met Your Mother, My Name Is Earl, New Girl, Superbad, The Shield, Training Day, Weeds, Workaholics

Next to having a can that just says “beer” Heisler seems to be the most popular brand in TV land. It’s basically the Budweiser of movies and television and shows up everywhere from the card games of L.A. gangbangers (Training Day) to telemarketing stoners (Workaholics).

18. Schraderbrau, Breaking Bad

Marie never appreciated Hank’s custom garage brew and the meticulous process that he went through to achieve its “silky perfection.” Probably the most potent stuff in Albuquerque after the crystal blue meth.

The others may jog your memory about some really funny sequences from your favorite shows. See the whole list at Warming Glow.

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