Guess Your Blood Alcohol Level Booth

Rob Cockerham bought a Breathalyzer and went out on St. Patricks Day evening to see if people could guess what their blood-alcohol level was. People were walking by, going to and from bars, and many were curious enough to stop. Most guessed wrong about their blood alcohol level. Fortunately, almost all were planning to get home without driving.

People were very likely to be wrong about their blood alcohol level.

I understand that alcohol breath and blood testing is important, but this is terrible. People suck at this.

Can you imagine if the driving speed laws were like this? What if you didn't have a speedometer in your car, and you'd never even seen one being used. What if the speed limit was 6,000 feet/minute? How would you know what that was like? Could you trust the other people on the road to know? Would you constantly recalculate your position and the time which had passed since your departure?

Cockerham has charts and graphs that show what people guessed, what they blew, and how wrong they guessed about their own level of intoxication. A good time was had by all. Read the whole story at Cockeyed. -via Boing Boing

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"Guess Your Blood Alcohol Level Booth"

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