44 Things You Didn’t Know About The Walking Dead

Are you suffering from The Walking Dead withdrawal now that the season is over? Can’t bear the thought of waiting six months for more? Okay, we can’t give you any new plot points from the fifth season, but there’s plenty to learn about the series so far. The linked list may contain spoilers if you aren’t current on the series. Here's a sampling.

2. HBO execs passed on The Walking Dead because they thought it was too violent.

17. When they filmed the scene where they introduced Michonne, actress Danai Gurira hadn’t been cast yet, so that’s not her.

31. The walkers also don’t blink. In post-production, they try to edit all blinking out.

37. In the second episode when Michael Rooker, aka Merle, was shooting from on top of a roof, the actual SWAT team was called in because people thought he was a sniper.

There are a total of 44 trivia tidbits about The Walking Dead at Buzzfeed, including lots of pictures.

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In this last season, someone cries in every episode.

The living humans, apparently, are immune to things like staph infections and tetanus since they never sterilise anything prior to a medical procedure. This is very well evidenced by the leg amputation Rick performed on the doctor. He used the same blade he'd just killed a hallway full of walkers with to amputate the leg, without cleaning it.

The writers have never gone camping and don't know anything about rudimentary survival skills.

Walkers don't smell, since no one ever seems to be able to smell them coming or when they're close. Even though a rotting human body is not something anyone would ever mistake.

Pistol accuracy is increased in the Walking Dead by both distance and speed of firing. Where-as calculated shots often miss.

Most six shooters have 10 - 20 rounds in them in the Walking Dead universe.

If everyone is already infected with the virus, why does a bite kill someone yet just living day to day does not?

Even in the middle of no where, where no humans had been living, there will be a gathering of walkers directly proportional to the number of survivors. This ratio is usually 3:1 against the living.

Why don't people throw marbles on the ground when being chased by walkers? Actually, throwing anything that would make them stumble would greatly increase the chance of getting away without incident.

Where does all the gas come from that runs all the generators we've seen?
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