12 Great Pieces of World Conquest Zvezda Plot Fan Art

World Conquest Zvezda Plot (Sekai Seifuku: Bōryaku no Zvezda) is a current anime series. You can watch it for free on Crunchyroll. It caught my attention when Richard Eisenbeis, Kotaku's anime critic, recommended it. It's a fun comedy about a mysterious little girl who wants to conquer the world. She's aided by a secret society known as Zvezda. The main character, Asuta Jimon, is a junior high school student who joins her after he runs away from home.

Mayuiki calls the show "by far my favorite anime of the season." She made this chibi-style image of the leading members of Zvezda.

Kate Hoshimiya is our would-be ruler. As leader of Zvezda, she is at the heart of the world conquest plot. DeviantART member nosewhirly drew this image of Kate titled "Your Majesty."

Zvezda is a secret society, so all members wear disguises while operating outside of their ramshackle base. Nathan drew this image of Kate ready for battle. It looks like a watercolor, but is actually a digital rendering.

The appropriately-named Roboko is a robotic member of Kate's inner circle. Here's a plastic model made by a fan in Japan.

Natasha Vasylchenko is a brilliant scientist from Ukraine who joins Zvezda and provides the organization with advanced weapons and power sources. Kore, an artist in Thailand, composed this digital portrait of her. He's done even more works of fan art from this series, which you can find here.

The irritable Itsuka Shikabane is also known as Lady Plamya. She carries a sword and uses it eagerly in the service of Kate's ambitions. DeviantART member tohofrog drew her glaring at us.

Here is cosplayer supuretto dressed up as Lady Plamya. She is costumed in imitation of this outfit.

In this digital image, Fitz shows Lady Plamya at a more relaxed moment. Note that either the image is reversed or he put the eyepatch on the wrong eye.

I'm a bit lost on the language, but I gather that this blogger made realistic props from the series. Here's Kate's signature stuffed rabbit and battle uniform gloves.

In this image by Observerz you can see what the modeler is referencing. Here is Kate charging into battle atop two bicycles, both of which have training wheels.

Goro Shikibane is a fun character. He's a tough, heavy brawler with a sweet tooth that he indulges perhaps a bit too much. Here he is in battle gear in a digital image by RedSeiryu.

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