This My Little Pony Tattoo Neatly Summarizes the Brony Mentality

Fluttershy is my favorite pony. I'm not alone in that sentiment. Lots of bronies identify with Fluttershy, the gentle pegasus whose Element of Harmony is kindness. My Little Pony tattoos are common. But this one, I think, expresses the basic impulse beneath brony culture. Shakara Tattoo inked it on the arm of DeviantART member Captain Ambivalent. She attributes the line to singer and songwriter Morrissey.


Now permit me to play devil's advocate here: how does being gentle and kind require strength? I'm having trouble making the logical connection.

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In a perfect world, being gentle and kind would be easy. But the world throws unkindness, injustice, hypocrisy, and other challenges at you. It takes strength to not respond the same way.
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Regarding your question, let's think first about arguments. If you are in an argument and you allow yourself to lash out in anger, common wisdom says you've already lost, no matter how well-constructed your points were to that point. Emotional weakness undermines whatever strengths you may have demonstrated, prior to or during your outburst.

It's easy to act out in rage, to let our emotions fly, to run away, and to ignore. It's easy to be impulsive. It's easy to withdraw into oneself, especially when times are tough. To act with kindness and gentleness toward all others -- to be actively compassionate in the world -- requires tremendous self-control, self-awareness, and strength.
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"This My Little Pony Tattoo Neatly Summarizes the Brony Mentality"

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