21 Cool Pieces of Quentin Tarantino Fan Art

Did you know Quentin Tarantino’s birthday was last week? While we’re a little late to the party, we couldn’t miss the chance to honor one of the most celebrated directors of our time, so here’s a roundup of some absolutely delightful fan art based on Mr. Tarantino’s fantastic films.

Grand Tarantino

Quentin has brought a number of memorable characters to life and everyone has their favorites. Here is a small selection of artist Paul Mason’s favorites from different films.

The Briefcases of Quentin

If you ever find yourself in a Quentin Tarantino film and happen to see a briefcase, you might want to just turn away as soon as you see it. Yes, it will probably provide you with the most valuable thing you’ve ever come across in your life, but simply touching the case could probably get you killed before you even have a chance to open it. This minimalist poster by GGGDesign reminds us that sometimes it’s better to look and not touch.

The Square

This great piece showing some of Tarantino’s best characters playing as young children is in our own NeatoShop, which means you can even get it in tee shirt form to show your support for Theduc’s tribute to Tarantino.

The Shepherd

One of the most famous and most beloved characters of all Tarantino’s films is Jules Winnfield, the bible-quoting, God-fearing thug from Marsellus Wallace’s crew. This painting by Alice X. Zhang shows that Jules is cool like Fonzie even while wearing a baby blue shirt with cartoon characters on it.

This Is A Tasty Burger

For a movie with such an incredible amount of violence, Pulp Fiction has a whole lot of food references. This cool poster set by Pierre-Alain Dubois emphasizes what great American foods are featured in the film.

From Dusk Till Dawn

If you’ve ever wondered what Tarantino’s take on vampires would look like as an animation you might see on Adult Swim, this illustration by Jordi Peters can answer your question. Personally though, seeing this image makes me long to see the whole story in cartoon form.

Jackie Brown

This poster truly captures the quintessential seventies feel of Jackie Brown –more so, in fact, than the official movie poster for the film. If I was Quentin, I would hire Carlos Lerma next time I planned to set a movie in that era.


When it comes to Kill Bill Volume One, The Bride may have been the movie’s protagonist, but its most memorable character was arguably Gogo Yubari, a 17 year-old girl with a thirst for blood. Artist Geovanna Ramirez did an excellent job capturing the maniacal charm of the sadistic school girl.

Death Proof

Death Proof is a dark movie with a seriously cool-looking car that happens to be used to run down hot women –which means this great poster design by Mikke Suarez pretty much nailed it.

Inglorious Cats

If you think the Inglourious Basterds were tough, just wait until you see them in feline form. DeviantArtist Iago Rotten knows that anything we can do cats can do better.

Django Unchained

We all know Tarantino loves grindhouse films, so it’s highly likely that he’d dig this poster for Django Unchained that DeviantArtist StuntmanKamil made in a decidedly seventies style.

Unchained Again

On the other hand, this Django Unchained poster might not be quite Quentin’s style, but it certainly captures the style of classic western posters. Artist Jimmy John based the piece on what he thought the movie would be like if it was actually made by Sergio Corbucci as a traditional spaghetti western.

Calvin Candie

Of all the dastardly villains of all the Tarantino films, Calvin Candie might just be the most detestable as he’s not only racist, but also purely sadistic, a touch psychopathic, yet still charming and smiley. This tribute to the wonderful monster by Yannick Bouchard perfectly captures his evil personality.

Two Little Kings

DeviantArt user Straahl needed some new bookmarks, so she decided to draw up two versions of Dr. King Schultz to keep her smiling whenever she found the right page. The pair turned out pretty darn cute and the artist might even sell them at some point in the future.

Reservoir Donuts

This Reservoir Dogs/Simpsons mash up by Claudia Riviera hits the mark perfectly for both of its influences –especially the tag line.

Pulp Simpson

If you prefer your drunks in Pulp Fiction form, then don’t miss this cool tee in the NeatoShop by Stationjack.

Fionna and Cake Kill Bill

What’s better than Kill Bill? How about a Kill Bill/Adventure Time mash up? And there are no better characters to put in the middle of the fight than Fionna and Cake as Nikki Ward demonstrates here. I just feel bad for all the penguin minions.

Inglourious Stripes

Here’s a movie mash up you probably never considered before –Stripes and Inglourious Basterds. After looking at this poster made by DeviantArtist Rabittooth though, I really wish this was a reality.

Tarantino’s Snow White

The darkest Tarantino mash up I could find was certainly this one, which shows what happens when Snow White and the Seven Dwarves enter the realm of Pulp Fiction. DeviantArtist Bergie81 did an excellent job of combining the happiness of the Wonderful World of Disney with the dark world of Tarantino.

Red Apple Cigarettes

If you want to smoke Quentin’s famous Red Apple Cigarettes, you won’t be able to because they don’t exist, but you can pretend by printing out DeviantArtist apfeistrudel’s design, cutting it and folding it into the right shape and then wrapping it around any other box of cigarettes –including delicious candy cigs.

Tiny Tarantino

Caio Morel is quite a gifted sculpture, which is quite evident in this delightful Tarantino caricature minibust. Personally, I’d love to see this mass produced and made available as an antenna topper.

I know inevitably some of you aren’t Tarantino fans (he's certainly not for everyone), but for those who are, what do you think of these tributes to the director? Do any of them make you want to rewatch a movie?

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