A Stomach Churning Series Of Photographs

The best way to see what lies inside your stomach is to get a scalpel and split yourself wide open, or shrink a ship full of photographers down to the size of a pill and swallow them whole.

But the best way to see what your stomach acid will do to anything it comes in contact with is to swallow some film and see what happens.

That’s the idea behind “I turn myself inside out” by Luke Evans and Joshua Lake- frames of unexposed film were swallowed then retrieved after digestion (nicest way to put it), then the film was examined under an electron microscope and enlarged images, like the one above, were printed.

Here's the idea behind the series from the creators:

There is a physicality to film that we wanted to explore: the soft emulsion layer, its thickness, the way it reacts to touch and temperature. At this point we were really excited because there was absolutely no way to envision how the results would look, and that no two would be the same: would the film's gelatin content be completely digested by enzymes? Would we ever get the film back?

-Via Wired UK

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"A Stomach Churning Series Of Photographs"

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