My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection

Sarah O’Holla’s husband Alex Goldman has a collection of over 1500 vinyl records, which get hauled every time they move. So Sarah decided to listen to all of them to find out what he sees in the music. Thus was born the blog My Husband’s Stupid Record Collection, in which she reviews each album in alphabetical order. And she doesn’t hold back on her opinions.

There’s that dying animal again, and someone beating on a snare drum like a three year old beating on a pot with a wooden spoon. Thank god I’m not listening to this music live right now, because then I would really be in hell. I’m still listening to “D.C.” by the way, it seems to be never ending. I am the maddest I have ever been during this project! Oh sweet Jesus, it’s calming down into normal sounding jazz bass and drums. Maybe the song titles on this album all have names like “Spirits Rejoice” and “Angels” because that’s how you feel not while listening to them, but when they’re over. When it’s over, your angelic spirit rejoices.

Alex stepped into Metafilter to contribute his view of the project. So far there are only two week’s worth of reviews, but you can follow along as she goes through all of them. -via Metafilter

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I don't get why some people are so attached to their scratchy, obsolete records when they've long been replaced by better technology.
Do these same people refuse to use a washing machine, because the experience is "more real" when they spend a day hauling clothes to the river and beating them against rocks?
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As long as she's going through them all, I'd recommend digitizing them. You never know. He might be willing to abandon the heavy vinyl if he can access them all digitally when this is all over.
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