Man Reveals Crack Epidemic At Magic: The Gathering Tournaments

There are many things you’d expect to find at a Magic: The Gathering tournament- powerful custom built decks, rule mongering über nerds, dice, rulebooks and the occasional playmat. But there’s one thing that’s at every Magic tournament from here to Timbuktu, yet never gets taken into account by attendees, and that one thing is the mysterious butt crack.

Every gamer has one, not all of them on display, but attendee and redditor OB1FBM decided to pose with the visible cracks for a photo series that exposes an epidemic in the Magic: The Gathering community.

He calls his photo series Grand Prix Richmond Crackstyle, and hopefully OB1FBM's bravery will send a strong message to future players of trading card games- Crack is Whack!

-Via BuzzFeed

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You miss every point. Not even sure why "fake gamer girl" even had to come up. The only person that cares that you're a "girl" gamer is you. Just say you're a gamer and stop trying to get attention. Pathetic, overreacting buzz kill.
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Okay, we get it, you're a total nerd and you're totally pro butt cracks, I guess it makes sense for someone who is into volcanology to appreciate butt cracks.

Funny how you failed to mention that the guy who took the pictures is himself overweight when you tried to call he and I out as shamers of overweight people. And the guy who took the pictures also played in the MTG tournament, so your other point about shaming MTG players likewise makes no sense.

But we get it- you're the champion of nerdkind, and your opinion is the most important opinion ever. And heaven forbid anyone poke fun at the fact that dozens of butt cracks were on display at a MTG tournament, bravo for being a buzzkill!
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Wooooow. OK, thanks for pretty much calling me a fake gamer girl. True nerds like yourself? Really??? I'll have you know I played in my fair share of MTG tournaments. As a matter of fact I was one of the best players in my town. I was one of two girls (I brought her with me) in a Grand Prix tourney for GenCon. I play table-top RPGs, Star Trek Attack Wing, MMOs, console games, watch science fiction & fantasy, read comic books, read regular books, & love volcanology as a hobby. I'm not a TRUE nerd like you though.

Nope, I got his point loud & clear. No matter how you cut it, the guy taking the pictures was trying to shame the people there. He did it without their knowledge &/or their consent with the intent of humiliating them. By posting this here you are endorsing the public shaming of these individuals. You are endorsing him bullying them. There are words that come to mind for people like that....but I wouldn't want to call people names.
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It's not about weight at all, and it's definitely not about MTG (a game I love and play myself), it's about keeping your butt crack in your pants! The message is clear- pull up your pants, cover your crack, nobody wants to see your butt hanging out of your pants.
The message he's sending is just that simple, sorry you missed the point Briahlen Havan.
By the way name calling is the best way to get banned from our comment section, but by all means keep wearing your ignorance on your sleeve by talking trash to true nerds like myself, in essence trying to bully me with your ridiculous comment.
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