Machu Picchu is Under Attack ... by Naked Tourists!

Photo from - sanitized by Munchification, just for you Neatoramanauts!

The Incan relic of Machu Picchu has survived five centuries of conquests and earthquakes, but it's facing what is probably the baldest attack yet: naked tourists!

A recent spate of naked tourists posing in their birthday suits at the ancient city is making the rounds on social media, including this video clip of a couple of streakers running through the complex with guards at their, uh, rears:

That incident has aroused the anger of the Peruvian authorities. Ricardo Ruiz Caro, the new regional director of culture, announced a prickly response: park guards would keep their eyes peeled to prevent future nakedness. No ands, ifs, or but(t)s.

The Guardian reports that there were more examples of this behavior:

A local travel agency obtained the handwritten police report on the incident last year, which details how the pair, a 30-year-old New Zealander and an 18-year-old Australian, were briefly taken into custody and told to erase the offending images from their camera before they were released. Somehow, the pictures still found their way on to the web.

"They were made aware that it is totally forbidden to take photographs of this magnitude," the report details.

We are assuming that by "magnitude" they're not referring to the pair's privates. Given Machu Picchu's high elevation, it's usually quite cold there.

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"Machu Picchu is Under Attack ... by Naked Tourists!"

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