IBM’s Watson Supercomputer Now Works a Food Truck

(Photo: IBM Research)

Watson is famous for crushing human opponent Ken Jennings on Jeopardy! in 2011. Now it’s putting its computational power to work as a chef.

(Photo: IBM Research)

IBM calls the project “cognitive cooking.” Chefs often think of combining different ingredients in different amounts and cooking them at different ways. Watson can do that, too, but much, much faster. IBM researcher Florian Pinel says that Watson can contemplate the effect of trillions of culinary variations in order to devise optimal recipes. The result of Watson’s efforts are a Swiss-Thai asparagus quiche and an Austrian chocolate burrito (above photo).

IBM is exhibiting the recipes with a food truck that it takes on the road. Recently, it was at the IBM Pulse Conference in Las Vegas.

Video Link)

-via Marginal Revolution

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Love the title. Made me think of the "cult of personality " we have here in the states. "IBM super computer who was flying high in 2011 now works a food truck.". Sounds like something they would lead off a news show with. "And now Jim with sports..."
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Fruit and pepper is suprisingly good. Have you ever had something like carmelized pears with blue cheese and pepper caramel sauce? (recipie from America's Test Kitchen) I wasn't sure about it until I made it but it's seriosly tasty.
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