Big Brother Got A Facelift

Security cameras can be useful, but they also can look harsh and intimidating even to those who aren't doing anything wrong. It could just be our wariness of the whole Big Brother or just because boring black boxes are just plain ugly. Either way, turning security cameras into friendly-looking, cartoonish eyes is a delightful way to make them seem happier and more comforting. 

That's why we love this project  Fabrique did for Dutch Railways. They turn Big Brother into a happy, friendly security guard. 

Over at Homes and Hues, we take a look at this clever design and how the concept would help you in your own home: Who Says Security Cameras Need to be Boring

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"Security cameras can be useful, but they also can look harsh and intimidating even to those who aren't doing anything wrong"

Wow. So the surveillance/war on terror propaganda reached you too. You say that as long I have "nothing to hide" or "doing anything wrong" this enormous distribution of CCTV is acceptable? When you start thinking whether your actions are "wrong", your mind and way of thinking already has been changed. If you act accordingly, they (TM) reached their goal: control.

Even painting them pink and adding rainbow dashes onto the cameras - they still are a tool to smash your civic freedom.
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Yeah, they really look like they'd be all nice and friendly when you're being good, but so much as look like you were about to sneeze without covering your mouth and they'd blast you to smithereens with their laser beams of death.
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Great, now they give off that totally weird Portal vibe. I'd probably expect them to insult my figure every minute.
Or my intelligence.
Or my inferior carbon-based form.
And then they'd try to kill me. Fun times in the Netherlands.
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"Big Brother Got A Facelift"

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