15 Great Derpy Hooves Crafts

Happy Derpy Day, everypony! Today is Derpy Day, an annual brony holiday about Derpy Hooves--the My Little Pony character created by fans and adopted by the show.

Traditionally, bronies celebrate Derpy Day by baking muffins and giving them to people in order to share the magic of friendship. Yesterday, I told my library co-workers about Derpy Day and gave them homemade banana muffins.

Today, I'm baking muffins and drawing pictures of Derpy with my daughters. My 5-year old has expressed skepticism that Derpy Day is a legitimate holiday, but that won't stop us from having fun.

To mark the occasion, I've rounded up some of the best crafts featuring the lovable and ditzy Derpy Hooves. At the top, you can find renegadecow's masterful flying Derpy automaton.

Of all brony crafters, renegadecow is my favorite. He is a master artisan in a complex craft. Here's his other Derpy automaton. This one, as you can see, shows her dozing on a cloud.

Many bronies have made plushes. I like this one by picklz especially well because it shows Derpy in her Nightmare Night (Halloween) costume, which consisted of paper bags.

We share muffins on Derpy Day because according to brony lore, Derpy loooooves muffins. A lot. This hoodie by Lisa Lou Who shows Derpy's colors, cutie mark, wings and a muffin.

Lindy makes articulated dragon figures. including this one showing our dear Derpy. Maybe she's a friend for Spike the dragon?

Mikey Turner is a woodworker. For his one hundredth wooden pony, he made this figurine inspired by an original sketch by Lauren Faust, the creator of the show. The sculpture is glorious and majestic, just like Derpy could possibly be.

Melinda Rose is a cosplayer. Here she shows one of the best Derpyplays out there, complete with a tail, ears and wings. She took it to the Emerald City Comic Con, which takes place annually in Seattle.

Derpy is a pegasus. Though she's not the best flier, she was nearly a fill-in for Rainbow Dash in a big flying race. Maybe she could also try a footrace with these shoes made by Janel Comeau.

But sometimes, it's not enough to look like an anthropomorphic pony. Like at job interviews or meeting your girlfriend's parents for the first time. Then you need a full pony suit to help you stand out. Markus K. made this and other complete pony suits.

Going to a brony meetup on a cold night? Wrap yourself in this quilt by Jennifer Wilson. It shows Derpy chewing on a muffin.

If it's warmer, wear a pinafore, like this one by Jinx. She also has frilly dresses and pinafores for other ponies, Harry Potter and this rather fetching Star Trek outfit.

Ashley makes scarves, neckties and skirts inspired by pop culture, especially Doctor Who, Portal and My Little Pony. Here's her clincher skirt and capelet showing Derpy's colors and cutie mark.

How did Derpy get stuck inside this glass Christmas ornament? If there's a way to make a mistake, Derpy will find it. Debbie made this decoration out of polymer clay.

The time notations on this clock by Vulpine Designs don't make a lot of sense to me, but they will to Derpy. On the other hoof: I would like to have a designated muffin hour in my day.

This cute embroidery hoop by Mellow Reflections quotes Derpy from her one speaking role on the show.

What went wrong, Derpy? Don't worry about it. Everything is fine. Now go and enjoy the day that honors you!

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