"Hazardous Materials" is an Understatement

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A truck in Russia carrying “insecure high pressure cylinders” has a little accident. The crash is just the beginning, though, as the cylinders keep going off, like, forever. Is it propane? Don’t ever take chances around those things. The driver escapes from the left side of the truck in the first 30 seconds, and after that no one wants to get anywhere near until the fireworks are completely over. Michael Bay would be proud. -via reddit

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I don't think so- I read it more as it 'would be a great icebreaker video for a Hazmat class'.
The thing is- in Eastern Europe we see canisters of (who knows what) being hauled around, some buses and cars run on propane- or some such thing (I've seen buses with 5 or 6 pressure tanks strapped to them; when that kind of bus has to refuel en route, passengers have to get off and walk a distance away until the refueling is done); roads are often bad; drivers are maniacs- traffic lane demarcations mean very little, neither do speed limit restrictions. And nothing is maintained (vehicles, cylinders) like it should be. The amazing thing is that this doesn't happen more often.
The pairing of this song with the video was brilliant. But the whole thing gave me the shudders. Yikes.
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Around 2:42 you can see one light up on the right and later leave the top-right of the frame. "I have to go now. My planet needs me."

More seriously, even secured cylinders can be quite a mess and training classes abound with images of what accidents involving a single cylinder can do to vehicles.
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""Hazardous Materials" is an Understatement"

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