When Giant Boulders Come Crashing Down

Photo: Tareom

On Tuesday evening, January 21, 2014, the life of Trebo Herbert and his family was rocked when giant boulders crashed into their house in Tramin, northern Italy.

A landslide dislodged the boulders and sent them hurtling down the hillside, straight at the Herbert's home. Two boulders hit and flattened a 300-year-old stone barn and destroyed farming equipments. Another one stopped just inches short of hitting the main house, and thus miraculously spared the family's life.

Herbert, an owner of a local farm, told journalist that the rockfall "sounded as if a train had thundered through the living room."

The three boulders left huge gashes in the vineyard that the family had spent years planting, as can be seen in the areal photography and video taken by Markus Hell of Tareom using a drone.

View more amazing photos of the rock fall over at Tareom's Facebook gallery | Donation page for the Herbert family.

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True! Reminds me of the story about a Myth Busters cannon test where the ball was shot way out of their control area and bounced into a residential neighborhood. Missed a house or two and landed in a car that the driver just got out of. Nobody hurt! (or something like that)
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That's pretty crazy. Being a geologist, I'd look at the older boulder in the first photo and say, "yeah... that's NOT a good place to put my house"! When I see some of the places people build homes, it makes me real nervous. I always say "just remember that ultimately, the earth wants to be flat. don't get in it's way!"
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