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How was your week? Where I live, the weather felt downright balmy in the 30s, compared to the week before. Sometimes I feel like I'm hibernating in January and February, just staying in the house as much as possible. We've still got some holidays coming this month: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day is Monday, and Chinese New Year is January 31st this year. We've lost Super Bowl Sunday to February, which already has more than its share of holidays. But February is a month when we will desperately need holidays anyway. If you're cooped up inside this weekend, take some time to catch up on all the wonderful things we've done this week at Neatorama!

John Farrier showed us 16 Great Works of Attack on Titan Fan Art.

Jill Harness gave us a look at 15 Utterly Bizarre Hello Kitty Tattoos.

Eddie Deezen told us the story of Lizzie Bravo: The Girl Who Sang with the Beatles.

What Makes Citizen Kane So Special? was explained by Uncle John's Bathroom Reader.

Tha Annals of Improbable Research gave us Linnaeus the Observant.

5 of History's Great Bank Robberies came from mental_floss magazine.

The Pzzlr this week was Peculiar Equation, and the Whodunit was The FBI and the Hacker.

In the What Is It? game this week, the unidentified object is now identified as a Western Electric indicator box. It indicates something! But we wanted funny-but-wrong answers, and we got plenty. This one from sandyra is worth a t-shirt: "It's the original Price is Right's version of Plinko. Unfortunately all the discs ran sideways instead on straight down so no one ever won the money. After they turned the game on it's side it worked much better…" And so is one from tarnation:

It's a binary lock box. Convert to decimal, then knock that many times and it springs open. Black=1, white=0, so then 111001110010111111110001 represents 15,151,089. Knock 15,151,089 times to open. If you lose count, you must wait 16 hours to let the lock reset.

Or just use a saw.

Congratulations to those two, but you should really go read all the great guesses this week. See the answers to all the mystery items of the week at the What Is It? blog.

We had a contest this week especially for Neatomail subscribers. Congratulations to Shawna Munro, brandy, and Tahariel, who won t-shirts of their choice. You won't miss out on the next giveaway if you sign up for Neatomail today!  

The post with the most comments this week, outside of the giveaways, was How Long Would You Survive After the Apocalypse? followed by Say Hello to the Worms of Your Nightmares.

The comment of the week came from Daniel Kim in the post about Peter Pan proposing to Wendy on stage: "No! Never! Never, ever marry a 'boy who won't grow up'! It's a recipe for marital disaster!"

The most popular post was Wall Furniture for Cats. Second place goes to Say Hello to the Worms of Your Nightmares, and Cabbage Patch Kids-Inspired Hats was third.

The post that got the most ♥s was Toddler's Double Take, followed by a tie between The Incredible Art of Aquarium Landscaping and Middle School Basketball Player Sinks Full Court Shot (twice). The most-emailed post was Wall Furniture for Cats.

In our social media stats for the week, The Mangalitsa is a Sheep-Pig was the most Tweeted post of the week, Cabbage Patch Kids-Inspired Hats was the biggest hit on Facebook and Pinterest, and Say Hello to the Worms of Your Nightmares was the most-shared post on Google+.

Over at the Neatoramanauts Facebook page, you'll find all kinds of neat pictures, links, and discussions besides what's here on the main page. The most popular post this week was this comic from Loading Artist. We also had a contest to win a geeky t-shirt. We'll announce the winners as soon as we know who they are -there are an awful lot of entries to go through!

The same thing goes for Pinterest: you'd be surprised at how much more there is to see at the Neatorama Pinterest boards! Just pick the board that interest you, maybe LOLpic, and scan for something new to enjoy.

Have a great week, everyone!

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