Media Errors and Corrections of 2013

Poynter compiles a list of the "best and worst" media errors and corrections each year. For 2013, the top media errors were the 60 Minutes report on the Benghazi incident and the misidentification of the Boston bombers, news errors which you are no doubt familiar with. But further down the list, things begin to get funny. The runner-up for the Apology of the Year was from The Sun (UK).

In an article on Saturday headlined ‘Flying saucers over British Scientology HQ’, we stated “two flat silver discs” were seen “above the Church of Scientology HQ”. Following a letter from lawyers for the Church, we apologise to any alien lifeforms for linking them to Scientologists.

And the Correction of the Year went to the Tampa Bay Times.

This story has been updated to reflect the following change: A Tampa Bay Times reporter not strong in the ways of the force (or Star Wars lore) quoted the event’s moderator, Croix Provence, as asking: “Are you ready to find love in all the wrong places?” What Provence actually said was: “Are you ready to find love in Alderaan places?” She was referring to Princess Leia Organa’s home world, which appeared briefly in the 1977 film. Regret the error, we do.

There's plenty more, including errors and corrections on TV and the internet, hoaxes perpetrated, and journalists who were fired for inaccuracies, at Poynter. -via UsVsTh3m

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