15 Utterly Bizarre Hello Kitty Tattoos

There is TONS of Hello Kitty merchandise out there for her millions of ravenous fans (need proof, just check out all the Hello Kitty goodies we have in the NeatoShop), but for some people, owning a dozen purses, bows and jewelry just isn’t enough. These people think they need to get the kitty embedded deep in their skin as a tattoo and not everyone is content with a generic, happy Kitty either. Some people want HK to be a bit darker and much weirder than we usually see her. Here are some of the strangest Hello Kitty tattoos ever inked.

A special thanks to Hello Kitty Hell, which is always a great source for all things WTF HK.

Way Scarier Than Buffalo Bill

Hello Kitty? More like “Hello Clarice” when it comes to this terrifying HK Hannibal Lecter tattoo. Hello Kitty Hell reader Nickey Lynn’s mashup is so horrific that Hannibal Kitty would probably manage to be less scary while wearing a mask made from another person’s face.

She is Here for Your Soul

If any tortured being has risen from Hell to bring pain upon the living, it must be Hello Kitty. At least, I think that’s the message of this HK Cenobite tattoo. While I don’t know who has this masterpiece, I do know it was inked by Tattoo by Rodney at Different Drummer Tattoo in Wichita Falls, TX.

Friday the Kittieth

Don’t go skinny dipping at Camp Crystal Litter or this horrific take on Jason just might get you. I hear if you go in a dark room and say “Hello Kitty” three times, this monster comes out and kills you. Sure it could just be an urban legend, but with something this terrifying, would you really want to risk it?

Murder by Kitten

We’ve all heard the rhyme, “Kitty Borden took an axe and gave her creator forty whacks. When she saw what she had done, she gave this person forty-one.” Oh, wait, that’s not how it goes? Oh well, it certainly fits this bloody mess of a Hello Kitty tattoo.

She’ll Be Back

Face it, a part of you always knew that HK wasn’t actually a creature that could ever be made of flesh and bone –so it only makes sense that she’s actually part of the rise of the machines. This tattoo depicts that time that in her quest to kill John Connor and destroy the future of humanity, part of her face was ripped off, revealing the horrific machine underneath.


You probably thought HK was a relatively modern creation, appearing in Japan for the first time back in 1974. As it turns out, she is really one of the Old Ones, who was merely summoned by the Japanese company Sanrio as part of a foolish marketing ploy. If only they knew what torment they were to bring down upon this world…

Why So Scary?

If you thought Heath Ledger was creepy as The Joker, just imagine HK taking on the role –especially when you consider the character normally doesn’t even have a mouth, so the whole thing would be one long scar. This disturbing take on the classic Batman villain belongs to Twitter user @valeriafla.

The Kittens of War

Ever wonder what it would take to give Hello Kitty PTSD? Apparently someone has because they managed to illustrate the whole Kitty battlefield on their leg. No word on who actually wears this war scene on their body, but Hello Kitty Hell points out that it’s not that unrealistic of an apocalypse scenario given that there already are airplanes, armored personal carriers, tanks and machine guns in production.

Do Not Enter

What happens when Hello Kitty goes swimming in the biological waste of a medical testing facility? Like many creatures who accept such a gruesome fate, she passes on, only Ms. Kitty leaves behind a much more disturbing skeleton. But hey, at least she still has her bow.

This delightfully dark take on HK was done by Ace Chandler and is proudly worn by Hello Kitty Hell reader Emily.

Adorable Brains

What happens when you mix the adorable creations of Toki Doki, Hello Kitty and the gory goodness of The Walking Dead? You get this wonderfully weird cactus-spiked HK zombie, as tattooed by Johan Jonk Stenström.

Somebody Warn Ichabod

If you really want to know how crazy this whole Hello Kitty thing has gotten, consider that I found this image when I wondered “maybe there’s a headless Hello Kitty tattoo out there” and searched for the term. Sure enough, this Headless Horseman version by Philip Alcala popped up immediately in the results. If you think of just about anything involved with HK, chances are, it’s already out there.

Highly Illogical

It might not be as creepy as many of the others in this article, but there’s no denying that mixing HK and Spock is certainly weird. Could Ms. Kitty play the role as well as Mr. Nimoy? It’s doubtful, but then, so is the idea of a successful, long-lasting romantic relationship between Vulcans and humans.

A Cat With No Friends

Like the Spock tattoo, this Afro Samurai Kitty isn’t all that horrifying, but it certainly makes up for its lack of nightmare fuel with total bizarro-ness instead. And that’s precisely what makes this tattoo by Brian Phelps so delightful.

Luke, I Am Your Fuzzball

Let’s face it, if you’re showing mashups in any art collection, there will inevitably be at least one Star Wars piece and here’s the Hello Kitty version. This strange creation, based on art by Nick Jones, was tattooed by the same Mr. Phelps as the Afro Samurai piece.

Truly Destined for Hello Kitty Hell

I won’t tell you what to believe religion-wise, but there are certainly better false idols out there than Hello Kitty and that’s all I’m going to say about this seriously strange tattoo also done by artist Brian Phelps.

While I know there is a lot of snark in this article, I’d like to clarify that I’m just being silly. I don’t really hate HK or think she is the spawn of all evil. In fact, I actually like a lot of her merchandise and many of these tattoos (though some of them are pretty horrific too).

On an unrelated note, I couldn’t find proper credit for many of these tattoos, so if you happen to know who did them or who they belong to, feel free to let us know in the comments so I can update the article accordingly. Thanks guys.

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