Surprise! You're a Celebrity!

David Gordon published his first novel, The Serialist, and it did well enough for a first novel in the United States. But in Japan, a translation of his book (titled Second-Rate Novelist) won literary competitions, became a best seller, and was made into a movie. Gordon was invited to Japan to attend the movie premiere, where he found out what it means to be a celebrity.

At the airport, I was met by my editor and a TV crew, which, I assure you, had never happened before. I was put up in a hotel where James Bond might have stayed, with a remote-controlled tub that filled automatically and a giant button that opened the drapes — futuristic, but a ’60s kind of future. As requested, I put on a black suit and a tie (mind you, I can barely tie a tie, because in my real life I have no need for one) and went to the premiere, where each member of the cast, including the woman who sang the theme song, bowed and thanked me.

Gordon ended up with two lives, completely different, on either side of the International Date Line. An article at the New York Times Magazine tells what it was like to be suddenly famous and then come home to be suddenly anonymous again.

Being "big in Japan" at least brought internet fame to Gordeon. Today he is doing a reddit AMA. -via Metafilter

(Image credit: AsianWiki)

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