Awesome Christmas Video Greetings 2013

This happens every year. We get a wonderful batch of video Christmas greeting sent to us right before the holiday. But 1. there's not enough hours left in the day to post them one at a time for your Christmas enjoyment, a 2. some people are suffering from Christmas overload already. So here we have our mega-list of the nicest, funniest, and cleverest video greetings from all over in one list! See them all if you've got the Christmas spirit, or save for later if you are too busy right now. You might find the perfect video to send out to your friends and relatives for a last-minute Christmas card!

A Slow Motion Christmas
(YouTube link)
Did you make gingerbread men this year? Be aware that when no one is looking, they can be total menaces! FinalCutKing made this slow motion video as a Christmas greeting. -Thanks, Zach King!

Goats Singing Merry Christmas
(YouTube link)
These goats are singing their Christmas greetings to you, through the magic of editing! Eleven seconds of silliness -and the rest of the video is an ad. -via Daily Picks and Flicks

Decor Amore
(vimeo link)
A Christmas greeting from Bruton Stroube, which I believe does photography and videos. In a world where Christmas decorations come to live while no one is watching, a Nutcracker falls for an angel.

A Krampus Christmas
(vimeo link)
Screen Novelties sent this stop-motion animation they made in which Krampus shows his usefulness in punishing naughty boys and girls! -Thanks, Mark!

Paul's Home Alone Christmas Card
(YouTube link)
Paul Little made a Christmas greeting by performing Home Alone, the entire movie, by himself. I never noticed that he never took a bite of the macaroni and cheese, but apparently that is a sticking point for everyone who was a child when they first saw the movie. -via Viral Viral Videos

Christmas Medley Parody 2013
(YouTube link)
Screen team put together this medley of song parodies rewritten with a Christmas theme. The highlight is their takeoff on "Royals" about halfway through. -Thanks, Elijah Johnson!

A Synthesizer for Christmas
(vimeo link)
Ambar Navarro created this stop-motion animation for the song "A Synthesizer for Christmas" by Hyperbubble.  -via Laughing Squid

Cats Help Wrap Gifts
(YouTube link)
Cats are totally enthusiastic about wrapping gifts, even if they aren't in the room! -via Tastefully Offensive

A Merry Christmas in Dominoes
(YouTube link)
Hevesh5 set up dominos for her Christmas greeting. Sweet! -via Viral Viral Videos

Teddy Bear's Christmas Treat
(YouTube link)
Teddy Bear the porcupine found a whole box of corn on the cob under the Christmas tree! He's busy enjoying his Christmas corn as fast as he can, be he still has a few words today about it. Those words are apparently, "Keep your paws off my corn!" -Thanks, Zooniversity!

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone!

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