14 Hilarious Family Christmas Photos

For some people, Christmas is a time for a quiet, solemn reflection on the deeper meaning of the holiday, but for others, it’s just another excuse to get silly with their families. Here are a few of our favorite funny family Christmas photos.

All is Calm

Plenty of parents dream of a silent night while their little angels are up in bed dreaming of sugar plums, but it rarely happens, especially when the kiddos are all ramped up on Christmas sugar cookies and the prospect of seeing Santa in the flesh. Michelle Jones thought up one way to guarantee she has at least one silent night this year –a little duct tape.

Ahhhh…Heavenly Peace

Here’s another take on the duct tape Christmas photo, this one complete with children tied in Christmas lights. Huffington Post reader adrianalizd claims this was the only way she could get the kids still and quiet enough to take a family photo.

Comfort and Joy

Don’t believe me that Christmas is never quiet with kids around? Just look at this joyous bunch photographed by Jamilia Jean.

Peace on Earth

Well, at least between humans. As Doctor Peter Venkman would point out though, when dogs and cats live together in harmony, it’s actually a sign of the apocalypse. So this card by Redditor Balls in A Blender’s cousin’s friend really just says everything is right with the world.

On the Naughty List

Of course, just because two animals are the same species doesn’t mean they’ll get along any better during the Christmas photo as Redditor ktgrl264’s picture proves.

This Card is on Fire

Everybody run! Christmas is over! If the scene in this picture by Michael Herb wasn’t staged, it would actually be a sad scene, but as it is, it’s just a silly look at how crazy and stressful things can be during the holidays.

The Ghost of Christmas Punching

Redditor ToddGakkkk finally got his family together for a Christmas photo this year. Supposedly, this is the only portrait they have as a family.

More Toys! More Joys!

Huffington Post user Chase Patrick sent in this picture of his kids protesting Mall Street and the practice of only having one stocking per child back in 2010.

Blame the Elf

If Tom Jordan’s Christmas photo teaches us anything, it’s that you should never trust a tiny, tattooed elf.

I Call Judas!

The problem with framing your family Christmas portrait like the last supper is that one person gets to be revered as Jesus and one person has to be Judas. This great Awkward Family Photos picture was submitted by their reader Robert.

Get it All Over With at Once

Why limit yourself to only one holiday when your card can actually cover every celebration coming up over the next year? Redditor Stumbling_Sober created what is essentially the most effective greeting card ever created for his 2011 holiday card.

What Happens Behind Closed Doors

Some people just don’t want to take Christmas photos and sometimes, their family should just leave them alone about it or they just might end up getting a holiday card like this one, by Redditor Drixislove, in the mail.

A Merry Canadian Christmas

Redditor evtaylor posted this picture of their family spending Christmas morning together on a brisk Canadian morning. I assume they ran into the house to cuddle by the fire right after the shutter clicked.

Adam and Eve Part 2

This might just be the most awkward family Christmas photo ever taken. It was sent in to Awkward Family Photos by reader Herman, but whether or not Herman is actually in this pic is hard to say. He certainly didn’t step forward to identify himself if he is.

From Us to You

Finally, one from a few of the Neatorama staff (we're not above looking silly). Here's Zeon and I with our dearly departed pup, who didn't understand the whole sitting stil for a photo thing.

Did you guys take your Christmas photos yet? If so, did you take any silly ones? Feel free to share them in the comments or email them to jill@neatorama.com if you have one you’d like to share!


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