Charmingly Creepy Re-Faced Realtor Ads

You’ve seen them all around town- bus benches, ads on the sides of buses, billboards and posters for realtors who are dying to sell you your next house. They’re always smiling, trying to come off as warm and personable to people who have no idea who they are or why they should be trusted at all. It turns out some of these realtors shouldn’t be trusted, at least not based on appearance alone.

Some goofball named Phil Jones has been going around Minneapolis plastering his face over the original face of the realtors in the ads, and now he’s getting more calls than he can handle! He says he has a lot of respect for the people in the ads, but I think he secretly wants to become each and every one of them.

Via 22 Words

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"Charmingly Creepy Re-Faced Realtor Ads"

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