Awesome Examples of Anchorman Fan Art

There are a lot of sequels to good movies out right now, from The Hunger Games to The Hobbit, but of all the sequels ever made, I’ve never been so excited to see Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. And I’m not alone. Fans of the original have been anxiously waiting for almost ten years to get to see the follow up to Ron Burgundy’s life and there’s plenty of fan art out there to prove it. Here’s some of our favorite.

60 Percent of the Time…

What would happen if Brian Fantana actually worked with Sex Panther to promote their cologne? I’m pretty sure it would look exactly like this fantastic mock ad by Jason Ortiz.

People Know Me

You know what really impresses the ladies? Status. But if someone doesn’t actually know who you are, you might have to spell it out for them by explaining how many leather bound books you have and which fine woods your apartment smells like. Otherwise, how will she know you’re a big deal?

When in doubt, just look to this great poster by Oliver Fritsch Gomez.

I’m Ron Burgundy?

Somebody looks like he just enjoyed a nice glass of scotchy scotch scotch. Artist Patrick Brown set about making this tribute to Ron Burgundy as soon as he heard the official announcement that Anchorman 2 was going to be a reality.

News Team Assemble!

It’s one thing to do a caricature that twists someone’s natural features into a funny face, but a good caricature actually shows off the personality of the subject. That’s what makes this caricature by Nolan Harris truly stand out from the rest.

Only the Names, Locations and Events Have Been Changed

As a native San Diegian, I particularly love this poster by Joe Simpson as it accurately reflects the skyline of America’s Finest City. By the way, San Diegians in particular have a pretty strong attachment to Anchorman because it has so many jokes and references to the city.

Discovered by the Germans in 1904

Speaking of San Diego’s obsession with Anchorman, I can’t tell you how many people I knew who were running around saying they lived in a whale’s vagina after the movie came out. This “San Diego” screen print by Todd Slater is pretty much the most graceful way a person could express such a statement while not totally confusing and disgusting people who, sadly, haven’t seen the film.

That Escalated Quickly

When you think Judd Apaow, you might think of Freaks and Geeks or Superbad, but one of his biggest commercial successes was actually Anchorman. This epic look at the events of the film was created by Joshua Budich for the Gallery 1988 tribute to Judd that took place last year.

Suits So Fine They Make Sinatra Look Like A Hobo

Feeling down? Perhaps a new suit would help…as long as you don’t buy it at the toilet store. This adorable take on the news team celebrating their new suits was created by Brad Hill for the Judd Apatow Gallery 1988 show.

Great Odin’s Raven

Did Ron’s sweet jazz flute solo knock your socks off when you were watching the first film? Then you really ought to get your hands on this great poster by artist Aled Lewis promoting one of his performances at Tino’s. Like many of these great artworks, it was created for the 1988 Judd Apatow show.

Afternoon Delight

When Dave Pryor was invited to participate in the Gallery 1988 show, he immediately started working on not one, but two paintings based on Anchorman –and they are both delightfully ridiculous. Here’s his version of Ron and Veronica’s trip to Pleasuretown. If you’re more of a Brick fan, be sure to click through to his site to check out the love story between everyone’s favorite mentally challenged weatherman and a bear in the San Diego Zoo.

Loud Noises!

While he might not have been the main character, some of the movie’s best lines came from Brick Tamland and here’s a fitting tribute to the sweet moron created by Jon Defreest, who created the piece for the Judd Apatow show.

Cat Burgundy

“You stay mousy San Diego” would be the perfect catch phrase for this furry feline version of San Diego’s favorite newsman. Laura Magpie created this fun cat version of Mr. Burgundy and I’d say she did a purrfect job of capturing his essence.

Staying Classy in the 80’s

With Anchorman 2 set in the eighties, it only makes sense to imagine Ron Burgundy illustrated by the most iconic artist of the era –Patrick Nagel. While Mr. Nagel obviously never took on Mr. Burgundy, I think DeviantArt user Ratscape did a pretty great job at showing what the creation would have looked like.

More Like Ron Velvety

I can’t think of any more perfect material for a Ron Burgundy portrait than velvet. This lovely painting was on display at Gallery 1988, but unlike the others, it wasn’t part of the Judd Apatow show, but an art show focusing exclusively on the velvet paintings of artist Bill White.

I Am a Man. I am an Anchorman.

If hearing Ron’s speech about how men built the Eiffel Tower with metal and brawn made you think “what a blockhead,” then you’ll certainly appreciate seeing him as a quite literal version of a blockhead thanks to artist Alexander Leighton, AKA Xander 13.

If you’ve been reading this article thinking, “man, I sure wish I could get some sweet Anchorman fan art on a tee shirt,” well, you’re in luck my friend. As it turns out, we have two great Anchorman-inspired tees in the NeatoShop so check them out and maybe you could even get them in time to go see the new movie in theaters in a styling Anchorman shirt.

Well, that’s it for this article. You stay classy Neatorama.

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