He was Only Three Days from Retirement!

Cleanup in aisle three! A spilled bottle of ketchup is a grand opportunity for drama. A couple of Trader Joe's employee took advantage of the situation just to give you a laugh! My theory is that it was Colonel Mustard in the condiment aisle with a ketchup bottle, used just to throw us off. You got any better ideas?

The reddit thread that accompanied this picture is full of Trader Joe's employees talking about how great it is to work there, and customers who tell how great it is to shop there. There are no Trader Joe's where I live -are they really that nice?

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I went to TJ's over the weekend because I was low on crunchy cookie butter. Running out of crunchy cookie butter is a cardinal sin in my house!
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Can't stand the place. And that f***king bell. Is it really that hard to go look for something on your own? I prefer the dirty hippies at the whole foods than the pretentious people at TJ'.
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We go to a place called Earth Fare. They just opened a TJ in an extremely terrible traffic, crowded side of town so we haven't been yet but I do want to go to get some of the cookie butter :D
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I love Trader Joe's. Don't like something you bought? Take it back and get your money back, no questions asked. Gee, Frau, I guess your filter is on to see what you want to see.
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I've been living or working close to a Trader Joe's since the '70s (when the original Joe owned it) and have loved the shopping experience - good quality house brand products, often-less-than-supermarket prices (still selling bananas for 19 cents EACH) and some unique products (Carolina Style bottled BBQ sauce? only place in Cal. I've seen it) , but one thing EVERY TJ's has seemed to suffer from was inadequate parking (I suspect the poor parking is intentional to keep the store from getting overcrowded). Also, the Trader Joe's radio commercials used to be infamous - live :60s to be read by the DJ containing long elaborate descriptions of highlighted products with bad puns and an occasional tongue-twister added just to torture the announcer. When I was in college radio, trying to get a professional gig, I always included one TJ's reading in my audition tape, just to show I could. (Their "Fearless Flyer" print advertising is still the same way - but without tongue-twisters)
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