Burglar Left Hanging

A Mr. Wilson of Howden, Yorkshire, England, went to bed on November 19th, leaving his bathroom window open so the cat could get in. When we awoke the next morning, he found more than cat came in- there was a burglar hanging upside-down in his bathroom, with his foot still stuck in the window! Daniel Severn asked the homeowner to call police, which he did. Crown barrister Mark Kendal explains what happened.

"As he approached the door he could hear moaning on the other side. As he opened the door he saw a man dangling inside his bathroom.

“One foot was trapped in the window. Daniel Severn’s head was resting on the toilet.

“The police were called and Daniel Severn remained where he was

“He told them his name and that he had been trying to ring the police himself because he had been stuck for over an hour.

“He had a shopping bag in his trousers. He told the complaint he was heroin addict looking for items to sell. He said he got his foot stuck climbing in the house.

“He had a mobile phone with a torch on it, but it had fallen in the bath. He had two pairs of gloves on so as not to leave finger prints and a Stanley knife.”

The court heard Severn had 80 previous convictions, but that he was not a very good criminal.

That would be my opinion as well. Severn pleaded guilty to burglary and drug charges and received a sentence of two years and four months. -via Arbroath

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"Burglar Left Hanging"

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