The Sea Caves of the Bay of Fundy

(Photo: minniemouseaunt)

Near the town of St. Martins on the southern coast of New Brunswick, Canada, is a group of caves eroded by the sea. The waters of the Bay of Fundy have among the highest tidal ranges in the world. The force of those waves has cut deeply into the sandstone shore, producing deep caves.

When the tide is low, tourists often explore them. The retreating waters leave fresh finds for them to examine. Just get out before the tide comes in.

(Photo: Jamie in Bytown)

(Photo: Jamie in Bytown)

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I've seen clips on (I believe it was) YouTube of people kayaking the Fundy tidal bore. It looks like it'd be quite challenging, judging what I know of kayaking - and from my experience doing the tidal bore rafting experience! I went years ago when I was a teenager. My wife went a few years ago with a bunch of girlfriends: They were soaked to the bone and hoarse from screaming when they got back to dry land. Good times!
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My maternal grandmother's family lives in nearby Smithtown. We visited St. Martins many times when vacationing with my family as a youngster. We even stayed a few nights at a B and B there. The high tides are amazing. Just look at where the water line is in the above photo and imagine if later filling the cave. The water is quite cold due to the Labrador Current. Brrr.
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I love visiting these caves! We used to go there on school trips when I was a kid, and now I enjoy taking my daughter (and her grandma!) to see them. The Bay of Fundy has some crazy geological formations including the iconic Hopewell Rocks, (
and the Bay of Fundy itself is home to some of (if not THE) highest tides in the world, which causes a really cool tidal bore. You can even go rafting on it!
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