11 Great Pieces of Exosquad Fan Art

Exosquad was an American cartoon that aired from 1993-1995. It was a magnificent story of war, suffering, courage, treachery, love and loss. It was a very toyetic show made in a traditionally children's medium, yet it was an adult story.

Exosquad was a serial (a novel storytelling format at the time) that told the tale of a second-class species oppressed by humans that rose up in rebellion and then conquest. It was not always clear who were the good guys and who were the bad guys. There were often complex moral ambiguities that were not easy to unravel. Sometimes there was justice. Usually there was pain.

The show lasted only 52 episodes before being cancelled. Sadly, some things are too beautiful to survive in this fallen world and Exosquad was among them. But fans remember the show and have created impressive works of art inspired by it.

Former teen actor Robby Benson voiced Lt. J.T. Marsh, one of the human officers and major characters on the show. Mike Henry sketched this image of the great soldier who really just wanted to be a pilot.

But first, Mike Henry drew this image of Lt. Marsh and presumably himself coloring it. Marsh calls out to the pirate leader Jonas Simbacca, although it also looks like he's trying to pass a bladder stone.

Mike Henry is nothing if not a fan of Exosquad. He also made this digital image of J.T. Marsh. He loves Exosquad, which he calls "second best American cartoon of all time." Which cartoon takes his #1 slot? Batman: The Animated Series. Do you agree?

For a screenprinting class, April created this propaganda poster for an exiled Exofleet desperately trying to find the people and equipment necessary to wage war against the Neosapiens.

Mashing up Exosquad with Halo, April also made this print of Lt. Colleen O'Reilly. Lt. O'Reilly was once a love interest of J.T. Marsh, though that was another casualty of the war. Here she is at one of the last battles of the war.

Joseph Kennedy composed this watercolor of Wolf Bronski's E-frame. The tough, crude but devoutly loyal Bronski is one of my favorite characters.

Marsh usually flew the AA-500 Falcon model E-frame. It's an icon of the show as much as J.T. himself. At one point, J.T.'s Falcon seemed to display self-awareness. Here is Joseph Kennedy's watercolor painting of it.

Lt. Maggie Weston was responsible for maintaining all of the equipment in J.T.'s squad. Here she is--out of uniform--in a digital image by Lilyan.

Lt. Nara Burns began the series as an innocent, fresh-faced kid from Venus. She didn't end that way and learned that war is hell. Here she is with her heavy assault E-frame in a digital image by Zakuman.

The criminal geneticist Dr. Ketzer did something to Nara Burns while holding her captive. It's not clear what, but she gained some unearthly power as a result. Here she is with the Neosapien ally Marsala on the sands of her beloved Venus. Melia Mokusei Esperas painted this picture.

If you don't recognize Anviel, it's because she's an original character by nuclear-mentallity. She's a brood sister of the great Neosapien pilot and warhero Thrax.

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