6 Real Heists More Badass Than Any Movie

Real-life robberies are often the subject of our "dumb criminal" posts, but every once in a while, thieves pull off a caper that is so brazen, clever, or just plain huge that you mentally compare it to a Hollywood film. Some of these real-life scripts would be rejected because they're "not believable." Of course, the most impressive robberies are those that are successful. Consider the case of the 2012 jewelry heist at Fraser Hart jewelers at a mall in London. A half-dozen guys dressed in black on motorcycles roared up to the second floor and smashed jewelry cases with axes!  

Within a matter of minutes, the raiders had snatched up more than $3.1 million in Cartier and Rolex watches, loose diamonds, and an undisclosed number of those Jane Seymour "Forever Heart" pendants. Then they leaped back onto their doom cycles and thundered off, screaming at random bystanders and dropping loot like cartoon bandits in their wake.

Mall security sprang into action and locked down the entire mall just in time to prevent the bikers from returning and stealing anything else and keep the panicked, terrorized throngs of mid-morning shoppers trapped inside. Investigators found three stolen motorbikes dumped at a nearby golf course, but the trail of jewels apparently didn't lead any further than that, because the riders themselves remain shrouded in mystery.

That's just one of the 6 Real Heists More Badass Than Any Movie you can read about at Cracked. -via Daily of the Day

(Image source: Jeweller Magazine at YouTube)

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