Boeing's Biggest Plane Landed at Wrong Airport

The Boeing 747 LCF Dreamlifter is a modified airliner that can carry the most cargo by volume of any plane in the world. Boeing uses it to haul plane parts, particularly whole 787 Dreamliner fuselages. For takeoff, it officially requires a runway of 9,199 feet.
Last night, a Dreamlifter arrived in Wichita, which has several airports. The plane received clearance to land at McConnell Air Force Base, the intended destination. Instead, the plane landed at the much-smaller Col. James Jabara Airport nine miles away. Jabara has no control tower, and a 6,101-foot runway, which is almost a thousand feet short of the big plane's official landing requirements. However, the plane landed with no injuries or damage. But what do they do now? A much bigger runway is required for takeoff.

An update on the story this morning says that the plane will attempt to take off from Jabara airport.

Airport property was not damaged, said Brad Christopher of the Wichita Airport Authority early Thursday morning at Jabara. “Everything looks fine,” he said.

The plane, which has a wing span of 211.5 feet and is more than 235 feet long, is carrying cargo and is safe for a normal departure. Christopher said the Dreamlifter can take off from the airport, which is near 37th and North Webb Road.

An alternate flight crew is en route to Wichita, with plans for the Dreamlifter to take off from Jabara later this morning.

-via Metafilter  

(Unrelated image credit: Scott Wright)

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I Share Blow andn Dry`s opinion....
When it is possible to start in the northern direction with hadwind, the plane may stay in the ground effect for an extra mile gaining speed....
Additionally the the 9,199ft requirement may only be valid for max takoff weight...
And it s not clear, if the plane has a fully loaded cargo bay or is only filled with light payload...

You can't circumvent the laws of physics, you may just to to teh edges, or if you et over them you have to alter them...
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