Great Pics of The Week: Cute & Funny Critters

My apologies about leaving your guys without your weekly great pics, but I had some personal things come up. Ignore our lapse and instead enjoy these fantastic animal photos sure to make you smile -and giggle.

Official Facebook Photo Vs Your Tagged Photo

I don't know about you guys, but I feel like this is what I look like when people tell me to say "cheese" for a photo.

Via The Meta Picture

You're Not Fat, Just Big Boned

No matter what your species, your mom is always there to support you.

Via The Crazy Cat

A Good Bed Is A Good Bed

This might look a little crazy, but this bed couldn't be more ergonomic.

Via Dump A Day

Always Use Your Best Manners

When you're hungry, you're hungry, it doesn't matter how uncomfortable the meal is.

Via Dump A Day

Learn to Speak Their Language

This pic might not actually feature a critter photo, but it certainly relates to our fuzzy little friends. Great find Flickr user Matthew Dunsdon.

Via Cute Overload

Anything But That Look!

If you have a cat, you know how true this is.

Via LOLZ Online

You Gotta Love Your Mamma

This might just be the sweetest animal meme I've ever seen.

Via Memedroid

Sleep Is A Beautiful Thing

Bulldogs, corgis and a few other breeds tend to do this regularly. In fact, my recently departed pooch constantly slept with his tongue out like this. Even when you're used to beef jerkey tongue though, it never makes you stop laughing.

Via Reddit

Show Off Your Style

Just because you carry your house on your back doesn't mean you have to live without fantastic fashion.

Via Cute Overload

Know How to Party

Everyone loves a good party, even our cold blooded friends.

Via The Meta Picture

Just Relax

A fun day at the kitty spa is always relaxing.

Via Le Funyon

Be Honest

Lying is never a good way to raise your furry children.

Via Dump A Day

Crazy, Man, Crazy

Messing with your cat's mind can lead to emotional problems down the line.

Via Dump A Day

Boobies Are So Fashionable

Black footed boobies just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Via Dump A Day

The Unfairness is Unbearable

The real world is a harsh place, especially when you think you're prepared to deal with it and you just aren't.

Via 9gag

I'd Watch All Their Films

If you thought the Pixar lamp animations were cute before, just wait.

Via Buzzfeed

Fluff & Fold Please

Talk about a bad hare day.

Via Cheezburger

Hope you all have a great week -and if things start looking down, maybe some of these pics will help.

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