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Really? We're halfway through November? Some people call this month Movember, which is (I think) short for Mustache November. The entire month is dedicated to men's health, particularly prostate and testicular cancer, with the custom of growing a mustache as a way to raise awareness. You can find lots of information about the campaign at the Movember website. More than two weeks in, how's your mustache coming along? Don't feel bad, more than half the population can't grow one at all! But we've got plenty of reasonable facsimiles at the NeatoShop. Meanwhile, let's go over the highlights of this past week here at your favorite blog.

John Farrier told us about The Indian Stream Republic--A Little Nation on the US-Canadian Border. It's the first I'd ever heard of it.

Eddie Deezen answered the question Why Were There Two Darrins on Bewitched?

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader gave us Here is Your War, a Veterans Day remembrance of Ernie Pyle.

The Eager Pursuit of Sloths came from the Annals of Improbable Research.

Mental_floss magazine contributed The New Kings of Disguise. Which are cephalopods.

Artist Chow Hon Lam showed us a clever set of illustrations of Super Heroes and their Part Time Jobs.

Over at Homes and Hues, we had some neat posts like The Best Star Wars Furniture That Imperial Credits Can Buy.

In the What Is It? game, the unknown object was actually tool is for cutting off the top of the shell of a soft boiled egg. As for your funny and clever answers, it seems most readers had the same first impression (shame on you). The first to bring it up, so to speak, and the funniest, was Matthew Hubbard, who had this funny answer: "It is a "tool" used by Fathers to insure their daughters are safe when a young man came to call. The Father would sit in the living room destroying zucchini with the tool while discussing the "date plans" the young man had for his daughter. While technically illegal, most fathers will support other fathers in the community with an alibi, should the need arise." Sadly, he did not select a t-shirt. The other funniest answer was from Lucas Gentry, who had a reason for this tool's minimalist appearance: "It's a medieval orange-juicer. It did the same job as modern juicers, but the modern juicers looked too wimpy next to the iron maiden, so they used this bad boy." That's certainly worth a t-shirt from the NeatoShop! Thanks to everyone for playing this week. See the answers to all the mystery objects of the week at the What Is It? blog.

This week's Conceptis puzzle was Basic Logic Fill-a-Pix.

The puzzle from Pzzlr this week was Let's Shake On It.

Hy Conrad's Whodunit was titled The Missing Link. Pretty soon, we'll see a new protagonist introduced into the Whodunit series!

The post with the most comments was Deny You Are Human with Shreddies, followed by Take Any Number ... and High-Tech Prostate Exam Simulator.

The comment of the week was from Peawatt, who responded to Shreddies with: "Oh how silly and expensive. Why can't you just fill an old tube sock with aquarium charcoal like the rest of us do?"

The most popular post was Grant Snider's comic A Year of Parenting. In second place was Why Were There Two Darrins on Bewitched? and High-Tech Prostate Exam Simulator came in third.

The post that people hearted most was A Remembrance Day Funeral with A Sailor’s Dying Wish, as runner-up. Common and Downright Likely Winter Hazards and An Interview with Allie Brosh tied for third place.

The most emailed posts were A Year of Parenting and Russian Police Choir Sings Get Lucky.

Our biggest post on Facebook this week was A Year of Parenting, although High-Tech Prostate Exam Simulator got enough likes to achieved that title in any other week. Did You Know That Blockbuster Once Had a Chance to Buy Netflix for a Mere $50 Million? had the most Tweets. The most-pinned post on Pinterest was Delightfully Geeky Paper Quilling, and His Master's Voice was the most-shared post on Google+. Thanks for all the Tweets, Likes, Pins, and Shares! 

At the Neatoramanauts Facebook page, you'll find lively discussions on a range of subjects, like what you love and hate most about your job. And you can contribute your own posts! Sarah ZombieBacon Campbell sent us a picture of the t-shirt she got from the NeatoShop. We love seeing those, even if you do use flash in a mirror!  

But be sure to come back here, where there's always something new. Have a great week!

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