Why Do Goths Stay Goth Long after Punks and Ravers Have Moved on?

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Punks, ravers and members of other youth subcultures may grow up and become more ordinary and mainstream. But according to a sociologist, goths tend to stay more closely identified with their subculture longer. Middle-aged goths are common. Why?

Dr. Paul Hodkinson, a sociologist at Surrey University, began studying goths in the late 1990s. Here’s how he defines them:

Hodkinson says that although the aesthetic and clothing are important, the primary tenets of involvement in this subculture mean being "thoroughly passionate about goth music and style, and some goths would tell you they have an interest in the dark side of life, and a natural tendency towards a degree of angst".

Goths, Dr. Hodkinson argues, tend to form close social bonds and have a high view of education. This makes it more likely that goths will develop financially rewarding careers and be able to maintain their social connections.

-via Amanda Brennan

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Well I do not understand the comments here? Because it clearly states if you are not dressing the part and living the lifestyle you have gone into more of the mainstream. Which is true! Do not BS me! I have probably been listening to these subgenres longer than you! Sure there are older punks. But they also dress the part. If you do not I repeat you have gone more mainstream. I do not care what the hell you listen to or how hard core you think you are. Sorry to tell you. But you cannot jump into a pit with dress shoes! I still wear the same damn clothes I did pretty much when I was a teenager. (except when the occasion calls for something different). But even then there are remnants. I am now almost 40. I would not have imagined I would be into the same things and still interested in the similar clothing but here I am. Probably because I never listened to the shit music on the radio and have been into the same things since I was itty bitty in the late 70's. And the other comment about not being "old" did you even read the article? This IS about being older and still carrying on the same. Your idea of punk is probably a pair of nike skate shoes and hitting up a Rancid concert on the weekend.
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Plenty of punks in Chicago. No, we don't always wear the stereotypical garb in the 9-5 world but there's a lot of us around and we're not all "old" either.
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This is kind of bullshit. I've been involved in the punk scene for a while now, and middle aged punks are not uncommon. Just because they don't fulfill the media stereotype of lather jackets with multicolored liberty spikes doesn't mean someone is not a punk.

Just another article about a subculture written by someone with no real life exposure to it.
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