Autocomplete Truths about Gender Inequality

Christopher Hunt of Ogilvy & Mather Dubai used Google autocomplete to bring attention to gender inequality in this print ad campaign for United Nations Women.

Hunt noted that the advertisements, titled Auto Complete Truth, used actual Google search autocomplete results, as queried on March 9, 2013. While different Google users in various countries may see different results, some of the autocompletes referenced in the ad showed in our own quick test (see below for the different autocomplete results for search queries for the exact term, but using "men" instead of "women.")

View the original ad page over at Behance - via Design Taxi.

Below is the result of my own men/women autocomplete comparison (searched Oct 21, 2013 from Southern California). What does yours look like?

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It's worth noting that although these are things people search for, it may not accurately reflect their personal opinions and beliefs.

For instance, that bit about women being silent in church can probably be explained by people researching the bible verse of a similar sentiment, 1 Cor 14:34. (Note: I used Google to find this reference but do not believe that women shouldn't speak in church.)

That being said, there is still a lot of work to be done in the area of gender equality, and I think this ad campaign will at least get people talking.
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Google autocomplete is based on search queries, not search results.

I suspect it's possible to manipulate search queries, but that's much more difficult than Google bombing the search results.
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i see now that all of these jezebel articles that are here now are being written by you, alex. it's really tiresome. there are plenty of sites that deal with this social justice stuff. neatorama should be one of them.
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Try looking up the term "Google bomb". Google's search results can be manipulated. It may not be the case with these searches, but it has definitely been done with many subjects in the past.
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