Finally You Can Get Drunk On Pizza

Here at Neatorama, we love our pizza. In fact, Miss C will sometimes eat a whole pizza hoping to just get a buzz. So just wait until she finds out about the new cocktail at LA restaurant Trattoria Neapolis that is pretty much a pizza in a glass. 

It would be easy to think this is just a slightly strange Bloody Mary, it really is more pizza-flavored than anything else. While there's no crust, everything else is there, starting with tomato water, porcini mushroom powder and muddled basil. The cocktail then features basil vodka, vodka infused with ghost peppers and is topped off with a parmesean and mozzerella foam. 

Via Food Beast

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I've tried expensive vodkas, including one with real gold leaf floating in it, and they all taste the same. Which is no surprise because they are almost all chemically identical, ethanol and water. The source of the sugars used for the initial fermentation is pretty much irrelevant, as after distillation very little of that remains.

I take your point about filtration, though, as it does remove the few fusel oils that the raw spirit contains. Doesn't make much difference in the taste, however; fusel oils are thought to be a contributing factor in that wonderful side effect that every boozer is all too familiar with, the hangover!
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That's not entirely true. There are certainly some charging wayyyy too much, but take a shot of Gray Goose or Belvadere and then take one of Popov or Taka and you'll notice the difference. The bottom of the barrel ones taste like rubbing alcohol.

Different vodkas are made out of different substances and also filtered differently. Good tasting vodka needs to be filtered enough to make it not taste like rubbing alcohol. And, some people's bodies handle wheat or potato based ones better than ones made from rice or mixed grains.

If you really want to rip on one for charging too much, try bagging on Ciroc, which is about the same quality as Smirnoff, but about 10 times more expensive because it's Puff Daddy's vodka.
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And btw, all those expensive vodkas (thirty five quid for a bottle of "Gray Goose")? THEY ALL TASTE THE SAME. It hasn't been matured, it's days old, it's the cheapest of the cheap spirit to make. The makers of that Swedish vodka in the distinctive bottle knew that, so to try to distinguish themselves from the competition they poured it into fancy bottles. It's the biggest con trick in the drinks industry.

I've heard the arguments about "fusel oils" and they don't hold water. Buy cheap and put the shysters out of business!
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