Woman Lives with 50 Skunks on Purpose

(Photo: Deborah Cipriani)

Deborah Cipriani calls her home “Skunk Haven.” That’s because she shares it with 50 domesticated skunks. The 55-year old woman in North Ridgeville, Ohio acquired her first skunk 13 years ago to help adjust to the death of her mother. Now her life is dedicated to that animal even though some people think that it’s strange. The Mirror reports:

Deborah, who is a customer service worker, said: “A lot of people think we’re weird to like pet skunks and they always say "Why do you want a pet skunk" and I ask them “Why do you want a pet dog?"

"It’s the same reason - skunks can be lovable, devoted animals."

Ms. Cipriani gets up at 4:30 every morning to begin a 3-hour skunk care and feeding routine. Her skunks aren’t caged, but have the full run of the house. She loves skunks so much that she’s set up an annual festival devoted to them called Skunk Fest:

The bizarre day includes a beauty pageant for skunks and even an award for ‘best dressed’.

Doting owners walk their pets around on leads – and some even push them in prams.

Deborah said: “The Skunk Fest is awesome. What we want to do is help the public see skunks in a different light.

-via Weird Universe

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In some jurisdictions, it is illegal to remove the scent gland from skunks because it is considered unnecessary surgery on the animal (i.e. isn't needed to improve their health, and instead is for the benefit of the owner). It seemed like such places are also places that don't allow for cats to be declawed. People still own skunks in such areas assuming they aren't outright banned, as properly raised they almost never spray from what I've heard. I don't own one myself and this is only what I remember from some time ago from talking to a couple people who did have one over the years.
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Would love to have a domesticated skunk. They usually have their scent glands removed when young so they don't stink at all. There are lots of pet skunk vids on youtube :D
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