Brides Throwing Cats

We do traditions out of habit, but few of us actually give any thought to the reasoning behind them. In fact, it's only when we look at those things from another perspective that we realize how odd they just might be.

For example, what happens when you switch out a bride's bouquet for a cat? You can see just how strange it seems to throw anything at a whole crowd of eager women. Sure, flowers makes a little more sense than a cat, but still, they both seem odd when you think about it.

That's why the new Tumblr Brides With Cats is so entertaining...that and it's utterly hilarious to look at.

Via Laughing Squid

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Wow, Sandyra.
You've got to lighten up a little. Our second cat is a rescue cat. She was tossed out of a truck onto the highway. Fortunately, a teacher stopped and saved her, and took her to the vet, where her injuries were treated. We were lucky enough to get her (the vet was a good reference), and give her a loving home. She's a healthy, perfectly normal cat, who gives us lots of love.
This cat-tossing pictures are pretty lame and cheesy, but nothing more. It doesn't advocate violence towards cats, and I doubt any bride is going to emulate it, or anybody else (I can't see young boys or other unstable people tossing cats because they want to look like brides).
You don't need to think something is funny to "get" humour. If you truly "got" humour, you would know that there are all different types of it out there. This just wasn't for you.
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"Why give the unstable a new reason/idea to..."

That is an excellent reason to shut down the whole internet and to never say anything. Coming up with a reason of where and when exactly to draw a line is much, much more difficult, and typically very subjective.

(Seriously, I've had that line of reasoning told to me as why I shouldn't make devices that others could get hurt if they replicated, why I shouldn't teach basic electronics to kids, and even once as a reason why no one should ever make liquid nitrogen...)
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"anything remotely funny..." Seriously? Throwing animals is 'funny'? Not buying it. Your response was expected. You need to defend your actions regarding this article. I 'get' humor, BTW. I just don't think this is funny. At. All.
So, I've said my piece. If you feel it necessary go ahead and delete my comments. It's your site, not mine.
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I should have known that anything remotely funny that involves animals would get someone up in arms about animal abuse. But:
1. No one is suggesting people throw cats. These are obviously poorly photoshopped images from one specific situation.
2. If you did try throwing a cat instead of a bouquet at a wedding, I'm sure you'd have a ton of guests move in to try to stop you.
3. Throwing cats from the ground isn't cool, but it's a lot different from throwing them out of a car. If you did manage to throw a cat behind your back at a group of unwed girls, the cat would almost certainly walk out of there fine with a bunch of women there to catch its fall. Meanwhile the scratched up women would be the ones leaving injured.
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