House Plumbed with Beer

All right, all right. It's obviously a viral campaign. But it's a dream of mine, so bear with me, mmkay?

New Zealand beer Tui commissioned a team of pranksters to route the plumbing of their friend's house so beer came out of every tap. Kitchen sink? Beer. Bathroom tap? Also beer. The guys wired their house with hidden cameras to catch the unsuspecting friend's reaction.

The friend, a man named Russ, came home with his wife and dog, and went to the kitchen. His wife noticed the kitchen tap dripping - but it wasn't water that came out. Rather, a dark and strange liquid ...

Now, you'd think that Russ' first instinct was to take a bath in beer (like the beer bath in the Starkenberger Brewery in Austria), but instead, he decided to investigate. Watch the man's reaction in this YouTube clip - Thanks Cole Stryker!

Well played, Kiwis. Now, when can you come to my house?

Oh, and if you think that my dream to have beer piped straight into the house is strange, just know that physicist Niels Bohr, who won the Nobel Prize in Physics, got Carlsberg to pipe beer straight from the brewery to his house. I don't know what's better, winning the Nobel Prize or having a perpetual supply of beer in the house.

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