107 Regional Slang Words

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Let the carping begin! Anytime someone tries to pinpoint regional idioms, there are many folks who were born and raised there and have never heard the term. Where I live, that sandwich is called a submarine, shortened often to sub. But then again, I live in Kentucky, which is sometimes referred to as the Midwest and sometimes as the South, but we have a language all our own. John Green has a whole slew of regional slang terms in the latest mental_floss video.

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Canadians call 'donut holes' Timbits because of a chain in Canada called "Tim Horton's". There are 3000 Tim Horton's in Canada, twice as many restaurants as McDonald's. Timbits are more delicious than anything available at and American fast food restaurant. Now you know.
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All of the southern words seemed odd to me. In Louisiana we use bayou, wash, swamp, branch, and brook but they describe different types of water ways. I've never heard the word toboggan used, we call them beanie hats. A locker is a small storage compartment that you put a lock on, not a closet. A spigot is outside and faucets are inside. I've heard cater corner but not catty corner. The only ones that were right (for me at least) were buggy and soda. Of course Louisiana is weird even compared to the other southern states so maybe that's why
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