The Dragon Lives Again

Ed Wozniak writes about bad movies a lot, but I think he's outdone himself with this martial arts film. The Dragon Lives Again (also known as Deadly Hands of Kung Fu) was a 1977 "Brucesploitation" film in which another actor plays the deceased martial arts film star Bruce Lee. The plot has Bruce Lee arriving in the underworld after death and meeting up with people he will have to fight. They are not real people, though -not even dead people. They are fictional characters like the Godfather, James Bond, and the Exorcist. And it gets weirder.  

For some very odd reason there’s also Emmanuelle from the erotic film series bearing her name plus, for some even odder reason, there’s Dracula, who’s neither living nor dead so you’d think he wouldn’t be here at all. In the film he leads his famous army of … zombies? Yep, instead of a legion of vampires at his side Drac has an army of “zombies” who are really just guys in black costumes with full-body skeleton designs on them like the outfit worn by the Turkish film character called Killing (my head hurts). Later in the film Drac leads an army of mummies, just to make things even more confusing.

Before we bother worrying about all the foregoing weirdness, let me point out that another denizen of this netherworld is the cartoon character Popeye, yes, FREAKING POPEYE, played by a real-life Asian actor who squints and puffs up one of his cheeks in an attempt to look like his namesake. He even eats a can of spinach to increase his strength during a  battle with Drac and his army of mummies.

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Do you still want to watch this movie? It's available at YouTube, rated R. Link

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"The Dragon Lives Again"

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