The Windscreen Supercut

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Supercutonline says this supercut is a tribute to the iconic shot of movie characters through a windshield. It is a handy shot: in a car, all the characters face the front so you can see everyone's faces at once. They can react to events around the the car without the filmmakers actually having to stage those events. How many of these movies do you recognize? It gets exciting about halfway through. -via Tastefully Offensive

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When I was a kid, at a Boy Scout troop meeting, a producer from Jack Webb Productions came in with a 16mm film copy of the pilot from the then-upcoming TV show "Adam-12". (That's what you get when you're in a Boy Scout troop in L.A.) He was getting kid reactions and the two things most talked about were (1) the one-minute black-screen pauses for inserting commercials and (2) the L.A. scenes behind the stars as Martin Milner drove the cop car (which was half of the show). The producer declared with pride that those were all really filmed while Milner was driving (a lot of TV shows those days used static cars in front of projected scenery - and it showed) and how Milner got the job because he had esperience at doing that... in "Route 66", he and George Maharis wandered the highways in a convertible - they couldn't do it in-studio, and Jack Webb, with his reputation as a 'stickler for accuracy', wouldn't for his new show. Anyway, since then, I've been trying to pick out the scenes actually done on-the-road, and with technical improvements, it's gotten a lot harder.
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"The Windscreen Supercut"

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