Garbage Doesn't Lie

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Your garbage collector knows more about you than any government spy. The city crew knows who has a baby, and exactly when your baby is toilet trained. They know what size TV you got for Christmas, how much beer you drink every week, what kind of pets you have, and when your birthday falls on the calendar. Archaeologists get into the act, too, by analyzing garbage dumps from eras past, although that's a bit less personal. Minute Earth tells us more about the science of garbage analysis. However, an analyst who goes through my garbage would think I am lying about eating vegetables, since any evidence of vegetable preparation goes into my compost pile instead of the trash. -via Viral Viral Videos

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The law of conservation of mass would say that that makes no sense. I would believe that one ton of landfilled paper sequesters maybe a third of a ton of carbon dioxide, since paper consists of carbon and many other elements, in addition to emissions related to harvest and processing from wood to paper. Still, your reply is funny.
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Each ton of paper in landfills represents a considerable amount of carbon dioxide that is sequestered from the atmosphere, helping to reduce the amount of atmospheric greenhouse gas. It is good to know that landfills have a lot of paper in them.
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"Garbage Doesn't Lie"

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