7 Mind-Blowing Theories on How Breaking Bad will End

There is no shortage of viewers who have watched every episode of Breaking Bad over and over, spotting instances of foreshadowing, looking for recurring symbolism, analyzing each scene, and hoping that those things will help them figure out ahead of time how the story of Walter White will end. From these analysts come seven different theories of what will come. These, of course, contain spoilers for those not current on the AMC series. Take, for example, the color theory.

As graphic designer John LaRue of The Droid You're Looking For illustrates with his ludicrously painstaking infographic (above), color also seems to indicate both motivations and imminent turns in the narrative. For example, characters tend to wear yellow before they make intense, game-changing decisions, like Walt did when he killed Krazy-8 in season one. While yellow is the proverbial canary in a coal mine, green seems to indicate a character (usually Walt, often Saul) acting out of greed; white points to powerlessness (in the case of Walt's cancer and hospital treatments) while beiges represent to the straight-and-narrow life Walt left behind (see: Elliott Schwartz's birthday party guests). Some Breaking Bad color theorists believe the way a character's colored clothing is layered--and even put on or taken off--also represent compound or ulterior motives. For instance, when Jesse and Walt clean Jesse's apartment after the botched bathtub disposal of Emilio's body in the second episode, Walt wears a yellow shirt... under a green apron.

How does this tell us what will happen in the future? Read the rest, along with six other theories, at Wired. Link -via Digg

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