Waiter Uses Doctor Who to Earn Bigger Tips

The blogger behind The Stranger on Baker Street works as a waiter. As an experiment, one night, he conversed with customers by quoting the Doctor continuously:

[Offering desserts (to the kids)] "You could have a slice of Triple Chocolate Strada for only $6.99 which I personally think is a bit steep. But then again, it’s your parent’s cash and they’ll only waste it on boring stuff like lamps and vegetables. Yawn!”

I actually sold every table the dessert I offered when I offered it this way. Few got the reference, the ones who understood “Hi I’m The Doctor” were completely losing their shit at this point in the meal, as I’d been dropping references all dinner.

[When an elderly woman literally threatened to slap me for being so strange] "900 years of time and space and I’ve never been slapped by someone’s mother."

Her family started cracking up and she just chuckled a little. I narrowly avoided a guest complaint for the sake of Doctor Who. I’m proud of that one.

[Messed up an order] "I’m sorry, I’m so… So sorry."

No reaction from this one, save for the girl who was fangirling over me from the beginning. (Not too surprising though, only table I messed up on, so I only got one chance to use it)

[After Guest hands me their ticket and wishes to pay] "Allons-y"

Two guests understood and stared wide-eyed. One gave me her number (After I had been using Who quotes on her table all night), and requested I pick her up in a TARDIS. Those that didn’t understand stared at me quizzically.

Link -via Tor

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